SDK 2.12.0 released

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SDK 2.12.0 released

#1 Post by bmego » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:58 pm ... 2019-08-06

## v2.12.0 - 2019-08-06
- Q2HqRequestHandler now has a self.set_hq_commands method, which is a nicer interface for dealing with HqCommands objects for things like Refreshing Account balances during a user session
- ``q2 upgrade`` will now show q2-smart as an option
- ``q2_sdk.hq.api_helpers.build_add_user_logon_xml`` now takes a skiptac parameter. Defaults to False
- Adds a ``q2_sdk.hq.models.backoffice_response.BackOfficeResponse`` class in preparation for building out more HQ BackOffice endpoint support

- Fixes a bug where LegacyRequestHandler.parse_form_fields was mistakenly using Central's form field parsing rather than HQ's version
- Fixed a bug in ``q2 upgrade`` where an IP address was the last entry in the upgrade list

- ``q2_sdk.hq.http.post_to_hq`` now takes in a response class, allowing overriding of the response shape handling. Defaults to HqResponse as before
- ``q2_sdk.hq.models.hq_response.HqResponse`` now takes a requests.Response object as the first parameter rather than a raw_response string to allow passing metadata. Raw response strings will still work for backwards compatibility
- Updates the SDK Proc Execution Audit Action to disable PolicyJudge requirements by default

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