SDK 2.17.0 released

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SDK 2.17.0 released

#1 Post by bmego » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:18 pm

## v2.17.0 - 2019-09-10 ... 2019-09-10

- All entrypoints will now act from the root of the repo regardless of where you invoke them from
- Extra configurations warning now uses a logger instance rather than a print statement
- All HQApi calls were rewritten to use a base model object. The usage remains the same from a user perspective
- Updates yapf dependency version from 0.16.2 to 0.28.0

- All request handlers now have a ``self.base_assets_url`` property which will resolve to an appropriate frontend service url
- ``q2 generate_hq_api`` now takes a ``--endpoint`` parameter to limit the generation type
- Adds /assets endpoints to ``q2 inspect`` output
- Adds /assets endpoints to ``/inspect`` endpoint
- Better type hinting for Country DbObject return
- Adds a ``**kwargs`` parameter on HqApi `.execute`` methods. Used for future proofing, such as ``bt_handle=self.bt_handle`` for use with AppDynamics if appropriate

- Fixes syntax with Tecton's Server Side Rendering keepalive
- Fixes type hinting on HqApi return shapes. Now accurately hinted as lxml elements

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