SDK 2.19.0 Released

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SDK 2.19.0 Released

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## v2.19.0 - 2019-09-24
- First class SSO support! There is now a Q2SSORequestHandler with its own installer and uninstaller
- SSO Extention type added to ``q2 create_extension``
- Lots of documentation updates, ranging from better tutorial code samples to a top level Request Handler Types menu
- Adds ``VendorAddress`` install step for DbPlan
- Ajax functionality detailed in AJAX section of Advanced Features now available with Tecton Server Side Rendered extensions
- All extension types now generate a frontend directory for serving frontend assets. Usage detailed in the generated READMEs
- ``api_helpers.build_add_user_xml`` now has a DOB element if demo_info.dob exists
- ``api_helpers.build_account_association_xml`` now adds a CifInternal node if link_by_cif is enabled
- Better type hinting on AuditAction DbObject
- Adds ActionID to AuditAction CLI response
- Better type hinting on Vendor DbObject
- Vendor DbObject CLI has been revamped for much more granular and helpful features
- Adds the VendorAddress DbObject
- **WARNING** Lots of SQL updates and additions. Be sure to run ``q2 setup_db`` when taking the version upgrade
- Fixes some bugs with our internal Docker image running on Windows hosts
- ``q2 insight -h`` now accurately shows help for all subparser
- ``api_helpers.build_add_user_xml`` now builds UserInfo from demo_info.user_info if it exists, rather than just demo_info.social_security_number
- VendorConfig DbObject no longer passes in a config_name, relying entirely on the vendor_name to pull back information

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